Dennis and Mary saw a vision as he purchased this historic landmark on the mill creek banks. After 2 years renovating this project to make a home for their family, Dennis & Mary launched their dream business in summer 2015, Mill Creek Gardens.

Now serving Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream day and evening, Mill Creek Gardens has become the talk of the town. Now people are coming in cars, buses, after the theatre, after shopping & work, walking to their newest favourite Ice Cream Stop and relaxing in some of the newest recycled outdoor patio furniture. 

But that's not the end of the development for Mill Creek Gardens. Dennis & Mary have now  opened  their newest Ice Cream Cafe with freshly brewed Baden coffee and yes Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream with over 40 flavours.

So come enjoy yourself and pick something from our ice cream menu and relax on our patio in one of our Berlin Gardens poly furniture!