All the beautiful colors under the sun are yours to choose from with Sunbrella fabrics.

Select the pattern or hue that best suits your personality and your backyard space. Sunbrella fabrics are made of solution-dyed acrylic that’s durable and fade-resistant. Cushions made with Sunbrella fabric are soft and comfortable.


Dupione Sand
Canvas Heather Beige
Frequency Sand
Canvas Natural
Dupione Dove
Paradigm Stone
Canvas Navy
Cast Horizon
Canvas Capri
Milano Cobalt
Canvas Regatta
Shore Regatta
Gateway Indigo
Canvas Black
Cast Slate
Canvas Charcoal
Canvas Granite
Peyton Granite
Canvas Iris
Canvas Jockey Red
Canvas Henna
Canvas Blush
Canvas Rust
Canvas Tangerine
Spectrum Coffee
Berenson Tuxedo
Cultivate Stone
Brannon Redwood
Passage Poppy
Foster Metallic
Canvas Sunflower
Canvas Macaw
Canvas Ginkgo
Cast Lagoon
Dupione Deep Sea
Canvas Aruba
Canvas Glacier
Foster Surfside
Dolce Oasis
Token Surfside
Carousel Confetti
Gateway Tropic
Gateway Mist
Gateway Blush
Sailcloth Shell
Solana Seagull
Empire Dove
Box Slate
Artistry Ash
Adaptation Stone
Hybrid Sky
Fretwork Pewter
Mainstreet Wren
Midori Stone
Midori Bermuda
Luxe Indigo
Violetta Baltic
Accord II Crimson
Meander Lilac

Sunbrella Rain Fabric

Water-resistant, quick-dry cushions allow you to spend more time relaxing with less hassle. Rain Fabrics only available for Classic Terrace Cushions.

Canvas Granite Rain
Canvas Aruba Rain
Sailcloth Shell Rain
Canvas Navy Rain
Canvas Heather Beige Rain
Peyton Granite Rain

Complete Sunbrella Color Program through Tri Vantage's Cut Yardage Program.